Business Leaders Choice Award Sponsors


Business Leaders Choice Award Sponsors

Please visit these local businesses and thank them for their support of the fine arts in our community. We appreciate their generosity and their Vision!

Click on their name to visit their website!

Sponsor Since 2012

Kathy Collins – Osprey Observer

   Fr. Mike O’Brien – St. Clement Catholic Church

Tom Westlake – Desco Printing Company

Sponsor Since 2013

Mike Goodwin – O’Brien’s Irish Pub

Tony Lee – Tony Lee State Farm Insurance

Sponsor Since 2014

Marsha Passmore – Hopewell Funeral Home

Dawn Galia – Discover The Arts Center Place

Nadine Clark – A. Anderson Hair & Associates

Sponsor Since 2015

Audrey Montella – Art Council of Plant City

Paul Hetrick – Plant City Entertainment, Inc.

Dennis Peyton – Peyton & Assoc., Inc.

Michaela Messer – The Cottage

Sponsor Since 2016

Scott (Mack) Macksam – Veterans Art Center Tampa Bay

Brien & Katrina Hockman – My Flying Onion

Jerry Campbell – Stylgras Inc.

Michael Cameron – Cameron Financial Management (Also a supporter in 2013)

Kay B. Sullivan – Winthrop

Grape Expectations

Yoga Elements

Dr. Richard F. Gaspar

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